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Currently reading- Kembra Pfahler’s “Beautalism”

The idea of deflating misogyny appeals to me…[The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black] wants to be beautiful and rebel against crass morbid intelligence. It wants to drink a diet pepsi and become a rabid bikini model. It’s imitating a life that is brutal and not worth imitating. It is Beautalist. The forced temporary transformation that is The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black: changing colors, “making our mark,” sitting around, instituting a new female paradigm, and producing femorabilia. 

It takes three to four hours depending on the amount of girls to get ready for a live show…by the time we black out our teeth and put on the stilettos, the transformation takes on a life of its own.

The Wall of Vagina was born out of a discussion I had with my band while on tour in the US. We traveled in a winnebego and always looked through men’s magazines at truck stops. Once we bought a Penthouse that showed four girls stacked on top of each other like pancakes…I thought it would look sculptural to have the GOKB as a wall of vagina. I did the old turkey baster with plain yogurt as a topping for the wall, and it provokes a complex reaction from the audience who don’t know whether or not to applaud or vomit.

Thursday, 3 - 10 - 2013

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  6. kvanm said: When I was in graduate school I did odd jobs for the artist Kiki Smith (check out her amazing work). Kembra was one of her best friends. The woman’s unstoppable and brilliant.
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